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DOWNLOAD BOOK Ramsaroop, P; Stull, R; Rodrigues, RJ and Hernandez, A. (2003). Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, and Cyberwarfare: Critical Issues in Data Protection for Health Services. Information System Technology and Health Services Delivery, Health Services Organization Unit (THS/OS), Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC, 2003, 85 p. ISBN 92 75 12464 7

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DOWNLOAD BOOK Organización Panamericana de la Salud (2003). e-Salud en Latinoamérica y el Caribe: Tendencias y Temas Emergentes. Rodrigues, RJ; Oliveri, NC; Monteagudo, JL; Hernández, A; and Sandor, T (Editors). OPS, Washington DC, 208 pg. ISBN 92 75 32462
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Rodrigues RJ (2010). International Trends in Hospital Information Systems. Technical Note, January 2010 [Download]

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UNCTAD(2008). Information Economy Report 2007-2008: Science and technology for development - the new paradigm of ICT. Overview Version. United Nations, New York and Geneva [Download]

ECLAC (2005). Public policies for the development of information societies in
Latin America and the Caribbean
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Martin, B (2005). The Information Society and the Digital Divide: Some NorthSouth
comparisons. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT) 1:4, pp. 3041 [Download]

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IPTS (2003). Electronic Health Records: a key enabler for eHealth. By Andreas Ligtvoet, RAND Europe. Report 81. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission [Download]

World Economic Forum (2004). The Networked Readiness Index 20032004: Overview and Analysis Framework. developments. A publication of INSEAD, the World Bank (InfoDev), and the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Programme [Download]

World Economic Forum (2004). Global Diffusion of ICT: A Progress Report. A publication of INSEAD, the World Bank (InfoDev), and the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Programme [Download]

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Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs (2003). Civil Society Declaration to the World Summit on the Information Society. WSIS Civil Society Plenary Geneva, 8 December 2003 [Download]

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Rodrigues RJ (2003). Deploying e-Health Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean: Development and Policy Issues. Proceedings of the International Telecommunications Union Telecom World 2003, Forum PL11: Workshop on Telemedicine. October 12-18, 2003. Geneva [Download]

Canadian National Initiative for Telehealth (2003). National Initiative for Telehealth (NIFTE) Framework of Guidelines. Ottawa, Fall 2003 [Download]

International Telecommunication Union (2003). World Telecommunication Development Report 2003 Access Indicators for the Information Society. Executive summary. English [Download] and Spanish [Download]

World Bank (2003). Good Practice for Planning, Delivering, and Sustaining ICT Products. A Task Managers' ICT Toolkit. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The World Bank. Washington, DC [Download]


U.S. Department of Commerce (2004). Innovation, Demand and Investment in Telehealth. Office of Technology Policy. Brantley D, Laney-Cummings K, and Spivack R (Editors), Office of Technology Competitiveness and Advanced Technology Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Washington D.C. February 2004
DOWNLOAD BOOK Marcelo Bonilla and Gilles Cliche [Editors] (2004). Internet and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean. Southbound/IDRC 2004 ISBN 1-55250-017-9.
Rodrigues, RJ (2003). Opportunities and Challenges in the Deployment of Global e-Health. Int J Healthcare Technology and Management 5(3/4/5): 335-358
DOWNLOAD BOOK Rienhoff, O; Rodrigues, RJ; Piccolo, U.; Hernandez, A and Oliveri N. (2003) Integrated Circuit Health Data Cards (Smart Cards): A Primer for Health Professionals. Technology and Health Services Delivery, Health Services Organization Unit (THS/OS), Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC, 2003, 102 p. ISBN 92 75 12463 9



eHealthStrategies.com links to resources and knowledge about e-Health and related topics, an area distinguished by the combined utilization of electronic communication and information technology to transmit, store, and retrieve health data, information, and knowledge for clinical, educational, and administrative purposes at the local or remote site.

eHealthStrategies.com builds on the observation of the industry, developers, and users and on the the personal experience of Roberto (Bob) Rodrigues, M.D., an internationally recognized pioneer and authority on health applications of information and communication technologies in public and private health organizations and healthcare systems.

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DOWNLOAD BOOK Rodrigues RJ, Wilson P, Schanz SJ (2001). The Regulation of Privacy and Data Protection in the Use of Electronic Health Information: An International Perspective and Reference Source on Regulatory and Legal Issues Related to Person-Identifiable Health Databases. Essential Drugs and Technology Program, Division of Health Systems and Services Development. PAHO/WHO, Washington, DC; ISBN 92 75 12385 3



DOWNLOAD BOOK Martínez, A; Rodrigues, RJ; Infante, A; Campillo, C and Gattini, C (2001). Bases Metodológicas para Evaluar la Viabilidad y el Impacto de Proyectos de Telemedicina. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Pan American Health Organization, Washington DC, 2001, 138 p. ISBN 92 75 32363 1










DOWNLOAD BOOK Pan American Health Organization (2001). Building Standard-Based Nursing Information Systems. Marin, F; Rodrigues, RJ; Delaney, C; Nielsen, GH and Yan, J [Editors]. Health Services Information Technology (HSP/HSE), Division of Health Systems and Services Development, Washington DC, ISBN 92 75 12364 0